Scottish Highland Cattle Fold Dispersal

Two separate herds.

Our original herd and older momma cows are with the black bull named JC. He is the super gentle one that eats out of our hand and likes to be scratched on the neck and behind the ears. A lot of his cows are also very calm and laid back. There are 26 head total in this herd (including JC). These are all all cow/calf pairs. The calves all range in age from just under a year to right around a couple weeks old.
There is also the bull calf that I worked with all summer (Bucky). He is somewhat halter broke - and likes his neck scratched and to be brushed. Only tough part is catching him at this point. Like I said - he was getting too big for me. Once he is weaned - he will be a breeze to work with.

The second herd and younger herd is with the bull named Thor (also a black bull). There are 21 head all total. Other then Thor - it is all heifers and steers in this herd.

Here is my approximate count from when we did tags this past May. We have had a couple babies since then and a couple steers went for butcher - so it isn't exact in the heifer/steer count but this should be darn close.

Heifers - 17
Steers - 14
Cows - 15
Bulls - 2 (JC and Thor)
Bull Calf - 1 (Bucky)


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