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HOLY COW or I should say "HOLY HIGHLANDS"!!!!
The 2014 HHCA Highland Cattle Auction held on April 17th, was huge success. There were 52 Highlands consigned to the auction, with 18 registered and 34 unregistered.

Total auction sales were $61,160. $28,535 were sold for registered Highlands averaging price was $1585 and $32,625 were sales for unregistered Highlands averaging price was $960.


They were Randy Batz; Blake Coble; Harold Ramey and Gary Cheek.

Also thanks go out to the Norwood Auction Barn crew who help make this auction possible by making the facility available.

Also a Thank You to all the farms that consigned their Highlands from all the different states, and MOST IMPORTANT a huge "Thank You" to all the BUYERS who came from so many states to purchase these Registered and Unregistered Highlands.

Fourth Annual Highland Auction,
Thursday, April 23, 2015


American Livestock Magazine



Scottish Highland producers looking for an outlet for overstock cattle.  Expanding beef market looking for Scottish Highland Cattle ready/close to ready for processing.  Several producers are already benefiting.  We cover all marketing, processing, and transportation expenses.  If you want to move cattle for a guaranteed price, contact us.

Criteria for cattle for our beef market:
Purebred Scottish Highland cattle (includes registered)
All grass fed and finished.
No hormones
No antibiotics (medical care acceptable).
Bulls, steers or cows.
18 months or older.
Producers with history on the cattle.

With the rising prices in beef, now is the time to promote Scottish Highland beef at previous acceptable prices to the consumer.  Our herd and producers cannot meet the demand.  We have an outlet for excess cattle meeting the criteria for our beef program.  We have a steer program with a guaranteed price return.

Price Breakdown Per Head:
600 - 800lbs = $500
800 - 1000lbs = $600
1000 - 1200lbs = $700
1200lbs or up = $800

Contact Chris with C & C Highland Ranch. Call/text 573-528-5129, email at cchighlandranch@yahoo.com, or visit us at http://www.cchighlandranch.com/.

For Sale: SOLD

We have two registered yearling heifers available for sale.  Docile and easy keepers. Both red in color.

Goldie of Roscoe Reg# 52,655, DOB: 8/10/2013
Goldie of Roscoe (smaller one in front) 
Reg# 52,655, DOB: 8/10/2013

Freda of Roscoe, Reg# 52,654, DOB: 4/14/2013
Freda of Roscoe, Reg# 52,654, DOB: 4/14/2013

Please contact for more information. 

Contact: Elizabeth & Jeff Dawson, Eldorado Springs, MO Phone: 417.876.6294 Email: elizabethanndawson@ymail.com

For Sale or Trade:

Unregistered 11 month old red Highland heifer dob August 2013.

Would be interested in trading for a heifer of same age.

Unregistered 11 month old red Highland heifer DOB: August 2013
Unregistered 11 month old red Highland heifer dob August 2013

Please contact for more information. 

Contact: Laird Maresch, Bruner, MO Phone: 417.300.1462 Email: elmfarmsmo@icloud.com or v-emaresch@expedia.com

For Sale:

Boggers WollyBully, Registration # 47,301.  6 year old bull for sale.
We are in South Central Missouri.
Proven breeder, you can see his calves.
He is ready to breed for your 2015 spring calf crop.

6 year old bull, Boggers WollyBully, Reg# 47,301
6 year old bull, Boggers WollyBully, Reg# 47,301

Please contact for more information. 

Contact: Harold or Jann Ramey, High-Land Farm, Alton, MO Phone: 309.251.5832 Email: jannlr51@gmail.com

For Sale:

Oxblood Brennan
Registerable bull calf, red/brindle
DOB: April 10, 2013
Sire: ScotLo Manley (Reg# 52,534), hip height 45", gentle, docile
Dam: RW Katydid (Reg# 33,972), hip height 40", very gentle and sweet, docile, excellent mother
Price: $3,500 (includes registration)

Situation Wanted: Small fold where Brennan is the sire.  Brennan is gentle and docile.  His dam and sire have taught him will, including teaching him how to be gentle around his younger sibling.  Brennan would be a great bull for someone new to Scottish Highland Cattle.  RW Katydid will be retiring soon and this may be the last opportunity to have an offspring from this wonderful old cow.

Here is a YouTube of Brennan and Manley in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKsdfTRnxe0&feature=youtu.be

Oxblood Brennan, Registerable bull calf, red/brindle, DOB: 4/10/2013
Oxblood Brennan
Registerable bull calf, red/brindle
DOB: 4/10/2013

Proceeds: Last November, for health reasons, I had to cancel purchase agreements with two farms.  They were both very kind to work with me.  Now that I am better, I would like to help offset some of the expenses they incurred by carrying those cattle through the winter.  A significant portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to LEA-White Farms (www.leawhitefarms.com) and Carpenter Diversified Farms (www.carpenter-farms.us/highlands.html). Please support their farms whenever possible. 

Contact: Pamala, Oxblood Ranch, Drury, MO Phone: 417.261.1000 Email: oxbloodranch2@centurylink.net

For Sale:

We have two Yearling Highland/Angus cross bulls. $900 each
Are offered as bull until October 2014 when they will be steered and sold at market.
Don't miss the opportunity to purchase them for a cross breeding program.

Bull Frog
Bull Frog


Please contact for more information. 

Contact: Roy and Ruth Wood, Ash Grove, MO Phone: 417.751.3881 Email: iapcv@live.com

For Sale:

For those of you looking for a milking Highland, here is a crossbred that will do the job when she gets older:
Highland/Jersey Black heifer, "Maya" DOB: December 2012

Highland Jersey crossbred Black heifer

Please contact for more information. 

Contact: Heritage Hills Farm, Ava, MO Phone: 417.543.8507 Email: info@theheritagehills.com   

For Sale:

Teddy is a very gentle steer and loves to follow you around.

He is a purebred and from last August, eats range cubes and loves being brushed.
This little guy follows me everywhere.
Maybe somebody wants him for a working oxen, he could be trained easy for that.
He will be brindle, it's easy to see.  His coat already has the dark streaks in it.

Please visit our facebook page or contact for more information. 

Contact: Al & Kirsten Kosinski, Black Bell Acres, Alton, MO Phone: 417.778.6009 Cell: 417.224.7901 Email: blackbellacres@yahoo.com   

For Sale: SOLD

Thank you Pam Little for purchasing my Highland bull, Logan.

Logan, our 2013 yearling bull is halter trained and docil

Excellent disposition, love to be combed.

Halter is easy to put on and off right in the pasture, no fuss.

Logan, unregistered yearling Highland bull, DOB: 8/22/13
Logan, unregistered yearling Highland bull
DOB: 8/22/13

Please contact for more information. 

Contact: Don or Nicole Pearson, Alton, MO Phone: 417.778.1451 Email: dp6454@yahoo.com

For Sale:

2014 Grand Champion

Cheek's Sunset Sambo Reg #Pending, DOB: 11/6/12
Cheek's Sunset Sambo
Reg #Pending, DOB: 11/6/12
Dam: Almosta Farm's Brea Reg #49,095
Sire: Cheek's Sunset Shadow Reg #50,179

Sambo is the 2013 and 2014 Ozark Empire Fair All Other Breeds Category Grand Champion.
Showing is in his blood. His dam was shown all across the mid-west including the National Show at Denver.
His sire was the 2011 Ozark Empire Fair Reserve Champion bull in the All Other Breeds category.

Contact: Gary & Cindy Cheek, Fair Grove, MO Phone: 417.818.1515 Email: cindycheek@netzero.com or gary@williamsconst.com

For Sale:

Registered Highland heifers and bulls for sale.  All out of well-known proven bloodlines. Need some new bloodlines, here is the place to go.

The following are all progeny of our Fold Sire Zorrow of Dundonald

THP05Y Shane fo Thistle Hill DOB: 7/22/11 $1200.00
THP05Y Shane of Thistle Hill DOB: 7/22/11 $1200.00
Born as twin bottle calf
Dam: Hi Oscar96 ISRA 04

THP03A Dun Heifer DOB: 7/18/12 $1300.00
THP03A Dun Heifer DOB: 7/18/12 $1300.00
Dam: Hi Oscar96 HEDY 03 39891

THP04A Blond Bull DOB: 7/12/13 $1200.00
THP04A Blond Bull DOB: 7/12/13 $1200.00
Dam: Hi Oscar96 Juliete 05

THP03B Heifer DOB: 7/21/13 $1300.00
THP03B Heifer DOB: 7/21/13 $1300.00
Dam: Hi Oscar96 Jada 05

THP01B Heifer DOB: 6/30/13 $1300.00
THP01B Heifer DOB: 6/30/13 $1300.00
Dam: Thistle Hill Coco

THP05B Heifer DOB: 8/10/13 $1300.00
THP05B Heifer DOB: 8/10/13 $1300.00
Dam: Thistle Hill Tara

THP07B Heifer DOB: 8/24/13 $1300.00
THP07B Heifer DOB: 8/24/13 $1300.00
Dam: Hi Oscar96 ISRA

THP08B Heifer DOB: 12/18/13 $1300.00
THP08B Heifer DOB: 12/18/13 $1300.00
Dam: Hi Benny Idalia 04

Contact: Bruce, Thistle Hill Plantation, Eolia, MO Phone: 314.739.0001 Cell: 636.290.1458 Email: bruce@thistlehillplantation.com


Red Willow Ranch 

C&C Highland Ranch

Jack's Cattle Co. Business Card

Building a Future By Preserving the Past. A Celebration of Strong Scottish Genetics. Offering Highlands that Look like Highlands!
Calves, Semen and Select Cows For Sale.

 Vintage Hill Highland Cattle

5643 Hwy 87
Franklin, Missouri 65250
Phone/Fax: 660-848-2373
Cell: 660.537.3906
E-Mail: info@vintagehill.com
website: www.vintagehill.com
Enjoy Your Highlands!

Black Bell Acres




For Sale:

Red Road’s Rufus, (AI) highland bull calf, born 4.3.14. Sire: Sunset Rebel Yell, many time Canadian Champion, son of the great Sunset Limited Edition, who was Sire of the Grand Champion Bull at the 2010 National Shows in Australia, Canada & USA.
Will be registered and weaned this Fall, selling now and will hold through weaning with deposit. $1,200.

Red Road's Rufus DOB: 4-3-14

Contact: Jed Bean, Red Road Ranch, Paola, KS Phone: 913.481.3430 Email: beanjed@gmail.com

For Sale:

Registerable white bull calf we call "Whitey Harper"

Whitey Harper DOB: 6/27/2013
Whitey Harper DOB: 6/27/2013
Sire: Jack's Harrison Reg# 50,044
Dam: Rebeka Of Cheek Farm Reg# 48,400

We still have Pearl(Rebeka) and recently sold Harry since we are saving back heifers from him.  Pearl is white in color and Harry is dun in color.

We are asking $900.00 for Whitey Harper.

Please contact for more information. Prefer contact by phone as I don't always check my email daily.

Contact: Barbara Elliott, Winfield, KS Phone: 620.446.1994Email: jelliot@wildblue.net

For Sale:

Highland cows, calves, bulls, all ranging from yearlings to three years old and one four year old cow.

Contact: Rex Hay, Smolan, KS Email: 1scythian@gmail.com

For Sale: SOLD

Thank You to Don Pearson of Alton, MO for purchasing all of my heifers.

Registered Highland Heifers:
Check out their bloodlines.  All halter trained.
FTH Carmine - DOB 11/26/11 - Red/Brindle - (one with flatter horns) - $1250.00
FTH Blossom - DOB 12/4/11 - Red - $1500.00
FTH Nugget - DOB 11/21/13 - Black - $900.00
FTH Dahlia - DOB 11/26/13 - Yellow - $900.00
FTH Cosmos - DOB 12/3/13 - Red - $900.00

All heifers are open - never exposed to the bull.

FHT Carmine  Reg. # 51833
FHT Carmine  Reg. # 51833

FHT Blossom   Reg. #51835
FHT Blossom   Reg. #51835

FHT Cosmos  Reg. #52863
FHT Cosmos  Reg. #52863

FHT Dahlia  Reg. #52862
FHT Dahlia  Reg. #52862

FHT Nugget Reg. #53084
FHT Nugget Reg. #53084

Contact: Joyce Quinn, Almena, KS Phone: 785.669.2270 Cell: 785.871.0213 Email: quinson@ruraltel.net

OZ Highland Farm

W-L Highland Ranch



Who's Hill Farm, Sunbury, Pennsylvania


Scotland Farms of Louisiana


For Sale: 

Registered red Highland bull for sale:

I need to introduce a new bloodline so I am offering to sell Robert Stewart Wallace, Reg# 50,726, DOB: 3/2/2011 is a proven bull with calves on the ground and some still to be born.

Has old bloodlines from TX, KS, and MI.  Is the peacemaker in the fold, makes everyone behave.

Young bull, has many years of breeding left.  Will make someone a great herd sire.

Asking $1200

Registered Highland Red Bull  DOB: 3/2/11
Registered Highland Red Bull  DOB: 3/2/11

Contact: Rebecca Mainka, Brownwood, TX Phone: 325.649.8050 Email: RMainka@hputx.edu

Young Sprout Farms - Tyler, Texas

Twisted Timbers Ranch - Collinsville, Texas



Almosta Farm Highlands

North Carolina



For Sale:

Yearling purebred white Highland heifer, "Lily" born April 2013.
Dam is a silver and Sire is a white.  Parents originated from registered Highlands but are not registered.  Very docile, loves being hand fed.
Asking $1000 but may consider trade of different color.

Yearling purebred white Highland hefier, Lily

Yearling purebred white Highland heifer, DOB April 2013

Contact: Tom or Theresa Thompson, Thompson Highlands, Pocahontas, IL Phone: 618.669.2236 Email: tomteesa55@yahoo.com

For Sale:

Remington's Ricochet (Ricky) - Dun Bull, very gentle (AHCA Reg# 50,152) DOB: 1/19/2010
4 year old proven bull with curly face and chest that loves to be hand fed.  DH Excitement bloodline and as gentle as they come despite his large sweeping horns.
Produces beautiful curly faced calves which makes us reluctant to sell him, but we just don't have the facilities to keep him with our small fold.
$2000 or will trade for a registered heifer/cow.

Remington’s Ricochet (Ricky), REG# 50,152, DOB 1/19/2010

Remington's Ricochet - Dun Bull

Contact: Terry Clemans, Medinah, IL Phone: 630.460.3374 Email: tclemans@ncrainc.org



Gleann Brook Acres Highland Cattle

Katie Farms



For Sale:

Young Highland bull calf for sale: Chris was born 12/15/13 Chris is the product of Marsh Creek Victor's William, reg.#35024 and Honey Creek Misty, reg.#47179. We have not separated him yet from Mom but will soon. His build is going to be a lot like William - big, straight, strong, and well muscled. His sire William is a yellow color and his dam is black with the kind of udder you like to see. Chris will be ready to breed your cows this coming spring with lots of time to become acquainted with you this winter. He will be registered at time of sale.

Young Highland Bull

Contact: Linn and Dee Reece, Honey Creek Farm, New Providence, IA Phone: 641.497.5499 Email: honeycreekhighlands@yahoo.com

For Sale:

Unregistered Highland cattle
3 - bred (pasture exposed) unregistered Highland cows (all under 7 years old) asking $1600
(all the cows have been with the bull since 11-22-13)
11 year old unregistered Highland bull - asking $1500
Yearling unregistered Highland bull calf (DOB 10-31-13) - asking $600

Seller would be open to some trades for registered Highland cows or heifers as well.

11 year old Unregistered Highland bull
11 year old Unregistered Highland bull

Yearling unregistered Highland bull
Yearling unregistered Highland bull

Contact: Victor Meeker, Central City, IA Phone: 319.551.2066 Email: weepingpondfarms@gmail.com



For Sale:

Unregistered 3 year old red Highland heifer.
She just grew up short, and I am concerned about having her in the regular breeding program.
She is a smaller framed Highland and I figure she would be great for those interested in breeding miniature highlands or as a pet.
She is approximately 40-42 inches tall.
We are asking $900.

Unregistered Red Highland Heifer

Unregistered Red Highland Heifer

Contact: Rebecca Cook, OK Phone: 812.345.8864 Email: rebeccalcook@yahoo.com

For Sale:

Two Scottish Highland bull calves for sale.  Pure bred, not registered.
They are friendly, accustomed to being hand fed.
Completely grass fed, we give them a daily "treat" of alfalfa cubes or a bit of alfalfa hay.

Sire is white, dams are red.  Asking $800 each. Reduced $650 each

Hezekiah, red Highland bull calf, DOB: 10/5/13
Hezekiah, red Highland bull calf, DOB: 10/5/13

Ezekiel, yellow Highland bull calf, DOB: 9/8/13
Ezekiel, yellow Highland bull calf, DOB: 9/8/13
enjoys being hand fed treats.

Contact: Kent Strahan, Sojourner's Gate, Marlow, OK Phone: 580.641.2258 Email: kentwstrahan@sbcglobal.net

For Sale:

A unique pair of black Highland twin bull calves.
These two bull calves were born on 9/15/13 to a registered Highland dam.
They are perfect for an oxen team. Wanting to sell as a matched set for an oxen team to use in parades or promotional events. What a unique opportunity for someone to be able to train them as an oxen team. Look at their pictures to see how they have grown from babies to now, perfectly matched.
Price is negotiable

Twin Highland bull calves just a week old
Twin Highland bull calves just a week old

Twin Highland bull calves at several months old
Twin Highland bull calves at several months old

Twin Highland bull calves at 9 months old
Twin Highland bull calves at 9 months old

Contact: Lonnie & Pamalee Cofer, Fairview, OK Phone: 580.227.2027 Email: pgeddesc@yahoo.com

Blazing Acres 


For Sale:

3 year old Highland bull with new proven bloodlines from WI and MN.

Rory, as we like to call him, is an amazing boy!  He loves a comb and attention, is calm and relaxed around people as well as his girls and is very easy to work with.
He cam to us as a large, extremely well put together young calf and has been halter trained and shown, winning his class at the North Central Show in Austin, MN.
We are so excited to see his calves this coming Spring and can't say enough nice things about this guy!

Ruairidh of Dalriada (Rory), Reg# 51,130, DOB: 7/3/2011
Ruairidh of Dalriada (Rory)
Reg# 51,130
DOB: 7/3/2011

Please visit our website for more information at http://www.fourtacres.com

Contact: Dave Larson, Four T Acres, Burlington, WI Phone: 262.210.3258 or 262.539.3257 Email: ftacres@tds.net

Four T Acres