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The 4th annual HHCA Highland Cattle Auction was a tremendous success for 2015. Thanks to all the Highland breeders who consigned registered, unregistered, and crossbred Highlands; THANKS to ALL the bidders and BUYERS of these animals and a sincere Thank you to all the people who supported the auction.



If you are interested in the prices of the animals at the sale, go to and the prices are at each consigned listing. See you all at the 5th annual Highland cattle auction in 2016. Check out the HHCA website for upcoming information later this year.





For Sale:

Highland Steers: I have 8 Highland Steers for sale, all grass/pasture fed.
(4) 2 year old steers approx. 600-700 lbs.
(4) yearling steers approx. 300-500 lbs.

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Gary Hellman, Gerald, MO Phone: 573.764.3702 Email: Click to Email


For Sale or Trade:

Yearling unregistered white Highland bull.  DOB August 2014.  He will eat out of your had, docile, good disposition, stocky frame.
Both dam and sire Grandparents were registered stock.  Never registered his parents so he can't be registered, but looking at his conformation, you will see he has some good genetics.

Asking $1000 or will consider trading for a yearling heifer.


Unregistered white Highland bull yearling
Unregistered white Highland bull yearling 

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Tom, Flying D Farm, Alton, MO Phone: 417.778.2224 Cell: 417.270.7704 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Congratulations and Thank you to Chuck Buckwalter of Walnut Shade, MO for purchasing our registered Highland heifer.

Yellow Heifer DOB: 1/23/2015, Registration in progress.
Name: Ebenezers Talley Ho

Talley is halter broke, leads, and is very friendly.  She is out of a red cow Kirsty of Roscoe Reg# 52,150 and a yellow bull Sir Alvi Reg# 52,472.
Her confirmation and temperament will make her a great asset to any herd.


Yellow Heifer DOB: 1/23/15

Yellow Heifer DOB: 1/23/15

Yellow Heifer DOB: 1/23/15

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Heather or Zack Ruble, Ruble Ranch, Pleasant Hope, MO Phone: 573.259.2918 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Since I have sold all my Highlands and have no longer a use for my Powder River Longhorn Head and Squeeze chute I am offering it for sale.
Purchased new they are almost $7000 but I am offering mine for $3000.
It is in good shape and paid for itself many times over when using it for the Highland cattle.
It is a very good investment when you are working your Highlands.


Picture of a new chute.
Picture of a new chute. 

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Kevin, Falcon, MO Phone: 417.664.2473 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Dun colored Highland bull named Colorado, dob 8/18/14.
He is from registered black dam reg. #47901 and red registered sire #50307 and Colorado will be registered at time of sale.
He loves to be groomed and loves range cubes. He is halter broke and very gentle.
My daughter works with him as you can see in the photos.

For a young bull, Colorado has good muscle, good thickness and excellent disposition.
He comes straight off pasture exhibiting solid growth for his age.
He will make a good sire for anyone to add to their fold, and also bring in some new bloodlines.
Asking price $1750, or will consider trading for another bull of comparable age and quality with different bloodlines.


Colorado DOB 8/18/2014

Colorado DOB 8/18/2014


Can be seen on Farm. Please contact for more information or discuss price.

Contact: Linda Say, Edwards, MO Phone: 417.998.6018 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Thank you and congratulations to Eugene & Virginia Shemonic of Mount Vernon, IL for purchasing our bull Cedric.

Cedar Creek Cedric, DOB: 3/19/2014
Dark red with blonde highlights, Registration Pending
CC Cedric is halter trained, eats from your hand, has had all his shots and tattoo.
Dam: RW Yolanda Reg# 50,271
Sire: LO Walter Reg# 50,307

Contact: Tracee Riley, Preston, MO Phone: 417.722.1222 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Thank You to Charles Black & Marianna Toth of West Plains for purchasing our heifers.

This is Darla, an unregistered Highland heifer who was born October 2014.  She should be brindle in color.  She is really sweat as you can see.
Her Dam is Dora a red cow who is really calm and gentle.
Her Sire is Toby a brindle bull and very mellow.

Both parents are on the farm.

$850 firm.


Highland Heifer Darla

 Highland Heifer Darla

Contact: Al & Kirsten Kosinski, Black Bell Acres, Alton, MO Phone: 417.778.6009 Cell: 417.224.7901 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Looking for some new "old" bloodlines for your herd?
Here they are.  You can check them out on the AHCA website to see what they have.
Their sire is the only offspring of Shepherds Cove Elvis so don't miss out on these nice heifers.
Shepherds Cove Gitano, Reg# 51,126 is an amazing black bull, he is structurally correct, heavy-muscled, excellent thickness and excellent disposition.  He is a sound breeder and throws sound, strong calves.
These two registered heifers are some very sound looking calves produced by Gitano.
Both of these heifers are already halter trained.  They are very docile and enjoy their treats.
Bloodlines are Drover Hill, NY; Shat Acres, VT; Red Willow, MO; Vintage Hill, MO; and Who's Hill, PA.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to inject these bloodlines into your herd.


H-L Coco Reg# 53,834
H-L Coco Reg# 53,834 SOLD
Thank you to J.R. Dyer, of Cookville, TX for purchasing our Highland heifer.

H-L Casey Reg# 53,833
H-L Casey Reg# 53,833


Please contact for more information.

Contact: Jann Ramey, High-Land Farm, Alton, MO Phone: 309.251.4114 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Dun Bull
DOB: 8-01-2014


Dun Highland Bull DOB: 8/1/2014
Dun Highland Bull DOB: 8/1/2014


Please contact for more information.

Contact: Steve Stewart, Spokane, MO Phone: 417.239.7052 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Unregistered 18 month old red Highland heifer. DOB: July 2013

Beatrice is a docile heifer, loves to be scratched and will eat range cubes from your hand.
Another six months and she can be bred.
$1500 or best offer.

Please contact for more information or to negotiate. 

Contact: Randy Rossiter / Jim Thideman, Bryant View Highlands, Ava, MO Phone: 417.683.2122 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Exceptional Highland Bull for sale, ready to breed.

Cheek's sunset Spanky, Dun Highland bull, DOB: 2/20/14 Sire: 7R Sunset Reg# 42,186 Dam: LAP Serendipity Reg# 42,833
Cheek's sunset Spanky, Dun Highland bull, DOB: 2/20/14
Sire: 7R Sunset Reg# 42,186 Dam: LAP Serendipity Reg# 42,833

Contact: Gary & Cindy Cheek, Fair Grove, MO Phone: 417.818.2255 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

A beautiful, muscular dun bull, VPH Lucas, Reg# 50,275, DOB: 9/14/2010.
He is approximately 4 years old, originated from Hairy Cow Farm in Hurley, MO.
Approximately 1000+ lbs., very docile.
Bloodlines from NY and MN, which are DH Excitement and Pimushe.
Asking $2000.


Contact: Mike & Dagny Ogle, Solid Rock Acres, Walnut Grove, MO Phone: 417.619.2661 Email: Click to Email



Red Willow Ranch 


C&C Highland Ranch


Jack's Cattle Co. Business Card


Building a Future By Preserving the Past. A Celebration of Strong Scottish Genetics. Offering Highlands that Look like Highlands!
Calves, Semen and Select Cows For Sale.

 Vintage Hill Highland Cattle

5643 Hwy 87
Franklin, Missouri 65250
Phone/Fax: 660-848-2373
Cell: 660.537.3906
Click to Email 
Enjoy Your Highlands!



Black Bell Acres




For Sale: SOLD

White Highland bull, DOB: June 2013 for sale in Colorado (1 1/2 hours northwest of Denver). Not registered, great personality, likes to be brushed, great conformation, grass & barley fed.  All natural, raised in high altitude (9000 ft.) $1200.

White Highland bull, DOB: June 2013

Yearling red unregistered heifer for sale.  $700 for heifer or a package deal of $1,800 for both the bull and heifer.

Yearling red unregistered heifer

Contact: Susanne & Jonathan Larson, Winter Park Highlanders, Winter Park, CO Phone: 970.531.1550 Email: Click to Email






For Sale:

CSC Obadiah, Registration 51,460.
Dam: Husker Highland Ranch - HHR Caroline, Reg# 28,626
Sire: Kanaka Hill Maximilian (AI), Reg# 26,455

This bull was bred, born 5-8-2010, and put to work on our grass fed beef herd on our farm in Northeast Kansas.  He has produced easy calving, dense, compact offspring.  We have retained a couple seasons of his heifer calves and therefore need to transition to a new bull.  His easy going temperament and familiarity of electric fencing used in our management intensive grazing system makes him a user friendly bull.

Obadiah is a frame score 1 making him ideal for use with first calf heifers and grass fed beef operations.  His current weight is 1,520 lbs.

Obadiah has been veterinary inspected, semen checked, and trich tested.

Asking $2,750 or I would be open to trading for a comparable quality bull.

References on this bull are available upon request.

Contact: Cameron, Highland Homestead, Riley, KS Phone: 785.250.0101 Email: Click to Email


OZ Highland Farm


W-L Highland Ranch







For Sale:

Unregistered Yearling heifer, born March 2014. Halter broke and gentle.  Comes when called.  She is up to date on shots and worming, and has been vet checked.  Good looking blocky, sound heifer.

Unregistered Highland Yearling heifer

Unregistered Highland Yearling heifer

Unregistered Highland Yearling heifer


Contact: Daryl MtCastle, Arcanum, OH  Phone: 417.671.2042 Email: Click to Email




Scotland Farms of Louisiana




For Sale:

Red Highland bull, born 5/7/2015.
Sire: Reg# 48,848
Dam: Reg# 51,203
Available early November 2015.
Nice stocky bull calf, will be a good replacement for a herd sire by the time he is breeding age.
Bloodlines go back to some long time Texas Highland breeders back in the 2000's.
Check out the bloodlines.
The bull calf will be registered if buyer requests.

Contact: Earlene Myers, Double D Highland Farm, Quinlan, TX Phone: 214.794.6311Email: Click to Email


Young Sprout Farms - Tyler, Texas


Twisted Timbers Ranch - Collinsville, Texas





Almosta Farm Highlands


North Carolina


For Sale: SOLD

Thank you to Kelly McGhee of Idaho for purchasing our bull.

Big Ridge Coinneach (Reg# 53,393) is the combination of our finest genetics, including  Scott Of Craycombe,  Bart of Benmore , GOF Broadstone, Bakers Cube Mountain Edward, Jock the 28th of Leys, and Ridge top Haydn's Choice, all in the past 3-4 generations!  Coinneach is select bred from animals with the best feet, udders and ease of calving.

Coinneach is a wonderful representative of the Scottish Highland Cattle Standard, with a level top line, moderate size, deep body​ with good spring of rib, nice and square, with an abundance of hair. Coinneach is a light red and has a correct, low, wide, horn set and forelock extending to his muzzle. He favors his grand sire, Ridge Top Haydn's Choice, "Haydn", very much. He should pass on his excellent conformation​, laid back temperament,​ and "Scottish" appearance to his offspring.

Big Ridge Coinneach

Big Ridge Coinneach


You can find ​additional photos of ​Coinneach​,​ his sire​, dam, and our other cattle at:

Contact: Kae & Bill Arrington, Green Mountain, NC Phone: 828.688.2277 Cell: 828.284.1999 Email: Click to Email








For Sale:

Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo 6W
Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo 6W

Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo 6W
Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo 6W


Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo #6W. Purebred Scottish Highland Bull (will register before sale). - $2000
DOB 5/13/2009
Sire: Black Watch Breagh Tigearnan Reg# 44,350
Dam: Locustbrae's Baravalla NicColin Reg# 44,194
Sweet and gentle, responds to his name and loves treats.

Assortment of colors of young Highlands to choose from
Assortment of colors of young Highlands to choose from

Spring calves and mothers
Spring calves and mothers

Registered Scottish Highland Cattle, heifers and bulls available now.
Purebred bloodlines for foundation stock.  Excellent maternal characteristics, sweet gentle dispositions.  Already acclimated to southern living!

For more information go to

Contact: Tracey, Gleann Brook Acres, Hoover, AL Phone: 205.432.9531 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Offering for sale is my two year old bull named Jingles.
He has not been registered, but comes from a dam and sire that are registered and are of well known Highland breeding stock.  Jingles has been with us since birth which was 12/24/2012.  He is a Christmas bull, hence the name Jingles!  He loves to be scratched behind his ears and enjoys being brushed.  He is very docile and easy going.  Would definitely make a great sire for any fold.

Dam: HighC's TuttiFruti Reg# 45,160 Red
Sire: Woolie Bullie Black Watch Breagh Tigheaman Reg# 44,350 Brindle

2 year old Jingles
2 year old Jingles

Please contact for more information or pictures.

Contact: Jeanne Salvago, Bessemer, AL Phone: 205.424.3636 Cell: 205.281.4406 Email: Click to Email


Gleann Brook Acres Highland Cattle


Katie Farms







For Sale:

I now only have three Highland cows.
Two are 14 - One is bred the other has a week-old calf by her side.
The third is 16 and bred.
Please contact me for more information.

Contact: Justin Sanders, Westpoint, TN Phone: 901.491.0183Email: Click to Email




For Sale:

White unregistered Highland bull calf.
Stout, short bodied, good legs and feet.
DOB: 7/23/2014
Weight: approx. 500-600 lbs
He is gorgeous and will make someone a great breeding bull in another six months.
Asking $1000.

Contact: Kevin & Melissa Cortez, Prague, OK Phone: 405.567.9300Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Yellow unregistered bull born 7/3/2014.
"Wyatt" is from unregistered Highland stock.
Dam is a dun color and good mother.
Sire is a red bull, quite stocky and full bodied bull.
Wyatt has many of his sire's characteristics.
Asking $1000

Unregistered Yellow Highland bull.

Contact: Jay or Ashley Olmedo, Sapulpa, OK Phone: 918.805.2291Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Congratulations to Trisha Polkinghorn of Dallas, TX for purchasing our Highland heifer.

A beautiful little unregistered Highland heifer named Buttercup.  She is out of our herd bull (Brazo), who is yellow-tan.  Her momma (Buttermilk), is white.  Both parents are on site.  She is 9 months old, born August 7, 2014.  We are taking her off of her mamma, so will be eating cubes from our hand before long. 

We are asking $1000.00

Heifer calf with yellow sire and white dam
Heifer calf with yellow sire and white dam

dam and heifer offspring
dam and heifer offspring


Contact: Tim or Julia Jackson, Choctaw, OK Phone: 405.390.4249 Cell: 405.613.4538 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Red Rock Highlands have their yearling 2014 bulls available for sale.
They are weaned, and vaccinated, and very tame and currently working on halter training.
Their registration papers are pending and number will be available as soon as received.

9 month old red bull
Dam: Reg# 39,019
Sire: Reg# 48,686

Same 9 month old bull
Docile, really thick frame and enjoys scratches

6 month old white bull
Dam: Reg# 47,197
Sire: Reg# 48,686

For more information and pricing.

Contact: Kristi, Red Rock Highlands, Red Rock, OK Phone: 580.761.1405 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Thanks to Philip & Donna Scritchfield of Eldon, MO for purchasing my Highlands.

6.5 month old yellow Highland Bull calf.  He was born Oct 10, 2014, out of an unregistered Highland cow.
His sire is Remington's Rebel Yell, Reg# 52,270.
He won't be able to be registered, but comes from a good, sound, registered Highland bull.
He has great confromation and if, like his sire - he will make an excellent herd sire.
He is to date, totally grass fed and chemical free.  I have used a few range cubes to get him to come to me.

Unregistered Highland Bull calf.

Unregistered Highland Bull calf.


Contact: Betty Kendall, Jay, OK Phone: 918.787.6765 Email: Click to Email


For Sale: SOLD

Thanks to Philip & Donna Scritchfield of Eldon, MO for purchasing my Highlands.

She is about 6 years old - is quite mellow and an "easy keeper".
She has been bred to Remmington's Rebel Yell Reg# 52,276 - pasture exposed from the end of Nov thru Jan - now in her second trimester - due to deliver in late Sept.
She delivered one calf for me last year who is healthy.  She is up to date on worming, etc.
She is a mature cow with a good disposition.
Asking $2000

6 Year Old Highland Cow

6 Year Old Highland Cow

6 Year Old Highland Cow

Contact: Betty Kendall, Jay, OK Phone: 918.787.6765 Email: Click to Email


Blazing Acres 




Four T Acres