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Its Official, 5th annual Highland cattle auction at new site.

Mark your calendars:
Saturday, April 23, 2016, Lebanon Livestock Barn, Lebanon, MO

New Highland Auction site, off Interstate 44 at exit 123.  Just a mile off exit on service road.  Very large modern facility.  Just five miles on service road to Lebanon, MO where there will be a host hotel for people attending the auction, lots of restaurants and other amenities.  Look forward to seeing you next year.

5th Annual Highland cattle auction at Lebanon Livestock Barn, Lebanon, MO

 5th Annual Highland Cattle Auction




For Sale:

Liquidating our cattle herd. Need a quick sale:

We have a large black Highland bull, a 2014 Highland heifer and 2 Highland calves born in spring of 2015 for sale.

I have a few pictures that I can send anybody that is interested.

If I don't sell them before December 10 they will be going to an auction.

We have moved to St. Louis and our remaining Highland cattle are still located on the farm in La Plata, MO 

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Brent Coursey, Narrow Way Farm, La Plata, MO Phone: 660.341.4885 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Unregistered 7 month old to 11 month old weaned Highlands, two heifers and three bulls.
These calves have been weaned and worked.
The bull calves can make good steers if you are interested in raising beef for yourself.

Ear Tag B2-15, white heifer, DOB: 3/1/15
Ear Tag J-15, red heifer, DOB: 4/24/15
Ear Tag N2-15, black bull, DOB: 1/20/15
Ear Tag F2-15, white bull, DOB: 3/9/15
Ear Tag D2-15, white bull, DOB: 4/30/15 

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Steve Stewart, Spokane, MO Phone: 417.239.7052 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Yearling white registered heifer Madaline, Reg# 53,723.
Excellent Registered white Highland heifer for Breeding Fold Foundation.
Halter trained. Very friendly. Eats range cubes from anyone that offers.
Grain fed and high quality orchard grass and clover pasture.



Please contact for more information.

Contact: Beauford Wilson, AAA Quality Highlands, Hallsville (Columbia), MO Phone: 573.881.1442 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Highland Fold Reduction:

You have a great choice of unregistered Highland cattle. Owner is moving and has to reduce his fold for the move.
There is one registered older cow available with unregistered bull calf at side.
If you want to get some young bulls to make into steers for future beef, here is an opportunity.

Registered Cattle

Herd Bull - $2000 – Age 6
Cow/Calf Pair – Cow is Registered Bull Calf cannot be registered - $2200 – Cow Age 11
1st Calf Heifer - $1800 – Age 4

Unregistered Cattle

10 Cows - $1800 – Age 5 to 11
1 Polled 2 ½ year old Heifer - $1600
1 18 month old Heifer - $1400
1 Heifer Calf - $1200 – Age 6 months
1 Bull Calf - $1200 – Age 6 months
1 Herd Bull - $1600 – Age 6
1 2 year old Bull - $1500
19 Bull Yearlings to 18 months - $1400

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Chris & Christy Laye, C & C Highland Ranch, Richland, MO Phone: 573.765.0103 Cell: 573.528.5129 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Looking for some new bloodlines to add to your fold?  This red Highland heifer is from a registered dam and registered sire.
She will be registered when purchased.
Chazzen DOB: 5/16/14, can be bred in 2016.
Sire: Mac an tSaoir of Glemoe, Reg# 48,605
Dam: Blue Moons Madam X, Reg# 49,765
She is spunky and range cube friendly.



Please contact for, more photos, negotiate price, and more information.

Contact: Sybil Roberts, Blue Moon Farm, Marionville, MO Phone: 417.489.0912 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Here are some very impressive yearling unregistered Highland heifers.  Sound, blocky and growing nicely, any one or all of these dun heifers would be a great addition to anyone's fold.  They are eating hay and still growing.  Give them a look and call.

Three extremely nice looking dun yearling heifers.  All dams are unregistered, and red in color.
Sire is registered Buddy of River View, Reg# 50,752.
These heifers are sweet hearts, love their treats and enjoy being combed and handled.


Karma DOB: 10/28/2014
Karma DOB: 10/28/2014

Stella DOB 10/01/2014
Stella DOB: 10/01/2014

Angel DOB 10/26/2014
Angel DOB: 10/26/2014


Will make anyone some good seed stock to add to their fold. $1650 each Reduced price for heifers to $1400 each.

Contact: Don Pearson, Alton, MO Phone: 417.204.5402 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

White Highland bull, will be registered after DNA testing is done.  Stocky and sound bull calf.  Dam bloodlines from NE.
Photo is of bull calf and his dam.
Farm name: Dias, DOB: 3/31/15
Dam: Almost April, Reg# 51,849
Sire: DNA testing for sire and registration



Please contact for price, more photos and more information.

Contact: Kevin Carpenter, Carpenter Farm, Kirksville, MO Phone: 636.544.1724 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Remington's Last Round ("Rowdy"), DOB: 07/26/2014, Reg# 54,404



Please contact for more information.

Contact: Dan or Kathleen Collins, The Heritage Hills, Ava, MO Phone: 417.543.8507 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Cheek's Farm of Fair Grove, MO is offering four Highland bulls for your consideration as future Highland Fold Sires.

These are all sound, good looking young bulls that will be an asset for any breeding.

Check them out.


Cheeks Sunset Yankee, red bull, 03/08/15. Reg. # 54,662.
Cheeks Sunset Yankee, Red bull, DOB: 03.08.15, Reg# 54,662.
Sire: 7R Yellow Sunset, Reg# 42,186
Dam: Almosta Farm's Bea, Reg# 49,095
Sunset Yankee has been shown at the Ozark Empire Fair and also has been on display to thousands of people at the Ozark Farm Fest.
He is halter trained and very acceptable to people giving him treats and loving on him.
Very docile and easy to handle.

Cheeks Sunset Mulligan, White, 06/02/15.
Cheeks Sunset Mulligan, White, DOB: 06.02.15
Sire: 7R Yellow Sunset, Reg# 42,186
Dam: Honey Creek Abigail, Reg# 43,494
He is not registered but he can be.
Nice white Highland bull calf, sound conformation.
Will make a nice sire someday.

Cheeks Sunset Boo, white bull, 03/31/15.
Cheeks Sunset Boo, white bull, 03/31/15.
Sire: 7R Yellow Sunset, Reg# 42,186
Dam: FTH Dun Deal, Reg# 51,841
He is not registered but he can be.

Cheeks Sunset Doodle, Red bull, 04/17/15.
Cheeks Sunset Doodle, Red bull, 04/17/15.
Sire: 7R Yellow Sunset, Reg# 42,186
Dam: VPH Black Velvet, Reg# 46,022
He is not registered but can be.

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Gary Cheek, Cheek's Farm, Fair Grove, MO Phone: 417.818.2255 Email: Click to Email


For Sale or Trade: SOLD

Yearling unregistered white Highland bull.  DOB August 2014.  He will eat out of your had, docile, good disposition, stocky frame.
Both dam and sire Grandparents were registered stock.  Never registered his parents so he can't be registered, but looking at his conformation, you will see he has some good genetics.

Asking $1000 or will consider trading for a yearling heifer.


Unregistered white Highland bull yearling
Unregistered white Highland bull yearling 

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Tom, Flying D Farm, Alton, MO Phone: 417.778.2224 Cell: 417.270.7704 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Registered Highland heifers for sale: 
Carpenter Farm is offering these beautiful registered Highland heifers ranging from 20 months to 14 months old.  All these heifers can already be bred in 2016.  All have the same sire from North Carolina with some very impressive Scottish bloodlines as well as the dams are from some old Scottish and Canadian bloodlines.

Good looking, sound, stocky heifers that will certainly add new bloodlines and performance to anyone's fold.

Check out their registrations on the AHCA website at 

Martha, reg. # 54223, dob 03/18/14
Martha, Reg# 54,223, DOB: 03.18.14
Sire: Duncan Reg# 49,805
Dam: Channey Reg# 46,984

Missy, reg.# 54222, dob 02/17/14
Missy, Reg# 54,222, DOB: 02.17.14
Sire: Duncan Reg# 49,805
Dam: Nicole Reg# 47,841

Aurora reg. #54224, dob 05/24/14
Aurora, Reg# 54,224, DOB: 05.24.14
Sire: Duncan Reg# 49,805
Dam: Dawn Reg# 48,388

Lora, reg. #54225, dob 05/27/14
Lora, Reg# 54,225, DOB: 05.27.14
Sire: Duncan Reg# 49,805
Dam: Sarah Reg# 48,387

Carolin, reg. #54226, dob 08/02/14
Carolin, Reg# 54,226, DOB: 08.02.14
Sire: Duncan Reg# 49,805
Dam: Shauna Reg# 48,385

Thank you to the Kerfes Family from Kansas for purchasing three of my registered Highland heifers.

Heifers range in price from $1500 to $2000 according to age.  Call or email to ask about any of them and we can discuss and negotiate prices.

Contact: Kevin Carpenter, Carpenter Farm, Kirksville, MO Phone: 636.544.1724 Email: Click to Email



Red Willow Ranch 


C&C Highland Ranch


Jack's Cattle Co. Business Card


Building a Future By Preserving the Past. A Celebration of Strong Scottish Genetics. Offering Highlands that Look like Highlands!
Calves, Semen and Select Cows For Sale.

 Vintage Hill Highland Cattle

5643 Hwy 87
Franklin, Missouri 65250
Phone/Fax: 660-848-2373
Cell: 660.537.3906
Click to Email 
Enjoy Your Highlands!



Black Bell Acres










For Sale:

CSC Obadiah, Registration 51,460.
Dam: Husker Highland Ranch - HHR Caroline, Reg# 28,626
Sire: Kanaka Hill Maximilian (AI), Reg# 26,455

This bull was bred, born 5-8-2010, and put to work on our grass fed beef herd on our farm in Northeast Kansas.  He has produced easy calving, dense, compact offspring.  We have retained a couple seasons of his heifer calves and therefore need to transition to a new bull.  His easy going temperament and familiarity of electric fencing used in our management intensive grazing system makes him a user friendly bull.

Obadiah is a frame score 1 making him ideal for use with first calf heifers and grass fed beef operations.  His current weight is 1,520 lbs.

Obadiah has been veterinary inspected, semen checked, and trich tested.

Asking $2,750 or I would be open to trading for a comparable quality bull.

REDUCED to $2500 or REALLY LOOKING TO TRADE for another bull of different bloodlines if possible as soon as possible.

References on this bull are available upon request.

Contact: Cameron Collins, Highland Homestead, Riley, KS Phone: 785.250.0101 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Registered yellow Highland bull with bloodlines from NY, KS, MN and some dating back to Scotland in his parentage.

Benjamin Harrison - Reg# 54,705
DOB: 1/17/2015
Sire: Jacks Harrision Reg# 50,044
Dam: Dry Walnut Annie Reg# 51,940
Registered Highland Bull - $1400

Look at his pictures to see how he has grown from birth to nine months old.

Benjamin Harrison photo taken 3/13/15 (2 months old)
Benjamin Harrison photo taken 3/13/15 (2 months old)

Benjamin Harrison photo taken 4/18/15 (3 months old)
Benjamin Harrison photo taken 4/18/15 (3 months old)

Benjamin Harrison photo taken 10/21/15  (9 months old)
Benjamin Harrison photo taken 10/21/15 (9 months old)


Unregistered black Highland heifer - $800
DOB: Jan 1, 2015
Sire: Jacks Harrision Reg# 50,044

An unregistered black Highland heifer with a registered sire, nice size for her age.


Two Highland steers - born December 2014 have been on pasture, hay and range cubes.  Would make good butcher steers.

Anyone looking to finish out some Highland steers, these two guys will do the job.
Anyone looking to finish out some Highland steers, these two guys will do the job.


Contact: Glenda Larkins, Belvue, KS Phone: 785.556.0728 Email: Click to Email


Highland Homestead Cattle For Sale:

Due to the fact that my work assignment has changed unexpectedly and I will be working out of town on an extended period of time, I need to reduce my herd size.

I will be selling 9 other cattle. I have both purebred and Highland/Angus crosses.  I have 3 pairs and 3 females and they are pasture exposed.

These Highlands are all unregistered but they are all bred with the registered Highland bull CSC Obadiah Reg# 51,460 who is also for sale or trade.

Three Cow/Calf pairs and have already been exposed to bull.
7 year old Highland/Angus cross with bull calf at side. SOLD
4 year old Highland/Angus cross with bull calf at side. SOLD
3 year old 3/4 Highland/Angus cross with heifer calf at side.

Two unregistered Highland heifers and one Highland/Angus cross heifer.
2 year old unregistered first calf heifer exposed to Registered Highland Bull.
2 year old 3/4 Highland/Angus cross heifer exposed to Registered Highland Bull.
4 year old unregistered Highland in her thrid trimester bred to Registered Highland Bull.


Highland/Angus crossbred 2 year old heifer

2 year old unregistered pure Highland heifer

Prices range from $1750-$2500
Call for info and more pictures.
Highland Homestead Farm is located near Manhattan, Kansas, easy access to the location.

Contact: Cameron Collins, Highland Homestead, Riley, KS Phone: 785.250.0101 Email: Click to Email


OZ Highland Farm


W-L Highland Ranch







For Sale:

Unregistered Yearling heifer, born March 2014. Halter broke and gentle.  Comes when called.  She is up to date on shots and worming, and has been vet checked.  Good looking blocky, sound heifer.

Unregistered Highland Yearling heifer

Unregistered Highland Yearling heifer

Unregistered Highland Yearling heifer


Contact: Daryl MtCastle, Arcanum, OH  Phone: 417.671.2042 Email: Click to Email




Scotland Farms of Louisiana




For Sale:  SOLD

Thank you to Michael Pearson for purchasing the bulls.

Two 5-1/2 month old, registrable, brindle bull calves that I really would like to move on out (their dams have already been bred back and don't need these two still nursing).

They've been weaned and eat hay, creep, and sweet feed.  They'll let you pet them as they eat but won't take food from your hand nor come to you (except when you have the red food bucket).  They are bargain priced at $700 each.


We are located east of Dallas.

If you want to see parents, go to our website: 

Contact: Caroline or Bryan Buck, Rancho Agua Quieta, Kaufman, TX Phone: 214.801.4476 or 972.962.8688 Email: Click to Email

Young Sprout Farms - Tyler, Texas


Twisted Timbers Ranch - Collinsville, Texas





Almosta Farm Highlands


North Carolina








For Sale, Fold Dispersal:

Here are some very old bloodlines in this group of young registered Highland cows.  Many Scottish bloodlines, Blackwatch, Who's Hill, Shatney's Shat Acres.  There are two young 4 year old registered cows and three unregistered calves that all can be registered.  The calves are from the registered bull and these cows.

A good starter fold for anyone wanting to have some good old bloodlines.  These Highlands are available individually or as a fold.  Selling all five for $5900.

Maggie Reg# 51,095, $1500
Maggie Reg# 51,095, $1500

Minnie Reg# 51,697, $1500
Minnie Reg# 51,697, $1500

Blossom, DOB: 8/12/2014, Sire Reg# 43,840, Dam Reg# 51,697, $1400
Blossom, DOB: 8/12/2014, Sire Reg# 43,840, Dam Reg# 51,697, $1400

Unregistered heifer calf Autumn DOB: 5/5/2014 Sire Reg# 43,732 Dam Reg# 51,695 Can be registered when sold. $1400
Unregistered heifer calf Autumn DOB: 5/5/2014 Sire Reg# 43,732 Dam Reg# 51,695
Can be registered when sold. $1400

Unregistered bull calf Little Tsunami DOB: 5/10/15 Sire Reg# 43,840 Dam Reg# 51,695 Can be registered when sold. $1100
Unregistered bull calf Little Tsunami DOB: 5/10/15 Sire Reg# 43,840 Dam Reg# 51,695
Can be registered when sold. $1100


Contact: Jean or Walter Summers, Section, AL Phone: 256.228.3450 Email: Click to Email


Gleann Brook Acres Highland Cattle


Katie Farms





For Sale:

Three Highland steers all born in early April 2014.  They are very uniform, purebred Highlands averaging a weight of 875 pounds as of 10/22/2015.  They have been raised on pasture and hay with minimum of grain, and chemical free.  They will finish for you in a short time.


Highland steers

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Linn Reece, Honey Creek Farm, New Providence, IA Phone: 641.497.5499 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Thistle Farm Cordelia, black heifer, registration in process.  She is out of a yellow dam (Flossie Reg# 48,938) and black bull (Jericho Reg# 45,199). Born during a warm spell Jan 21, 2015.  She leads well and is a nice little heifer. - SOLD


Thistle Farm Cordelia

Cromwell, red bull, born March 21, 2015, registration in process.  I have only sold two bulls in 20 years, but this is a nice boy.  I am guessing he outweights the older heifer by 100 lbs.  I was hesitant to try to halter him because he's a big blocky boy, but I dropped a rope around his horns, he did a little bucking, then gave up and let me pet him.  This photo is his first day with the halter on.  He's a good lad, out of a calm, reliable white cow (Holly Reg# 43,631). This is her 8th calf, and her udder is still good.  She's a very good mother who has the habit of nursing any calf who asks.  His sire (Jericho Reg# 45,199) is a very calm, well mannered black bull.

Cromwell, red bull, born 3-21-15, registration in process 

These are not Minis or full size cattle but they are moderately framed animals.
Please contact for more information.

Contact: Sarah Scott, Thistle Farm, Waverly, IA Phone: 319.352.0304 Email: Click to Email






For Sale:

Needing to downsize.

If you are looking for a two in one deal and some excellent bloodlines on both the dam and sire, take a look at this registered bred Highland cow.
Registered Red Scottish Highland bred cow, Reg# 47,471 with excellent genetics and structure.  She is a well built, large cow that produces well and births easily.
Has been pasture exposed to Remington's Rebel Yell(D) Reg# 52,276
Expected delivery mid October. $2750.00


Good looking yearling dun Highland bull. Grass fed/chemical free.
A stunning dunn colored young bull calf - he has exceptional grenetics combined with sound structure and will be a terrific herd sire for someone wanting his good genetics.
Sire is: LEA BECKETT Reg# 42,976, an outstanding producer of quality Highlands.
Dam is: OZ Bonnie Maisie Reg# 47,471, proven producer of exceptional Highlands.
He was imprinted and handled frequently during his first month of age and is easy to work with and a very calm youngster.
He has not yet been registered, but will be. DOB: Sept. 15, 2014 $1750 Including Registration.

Dun Highland bull calf

Dun Highland bull calf


Highland Cow/Calf pair, grass fed/chemical free:
Dun colored cow, Reg# 52,291. Very sound with good conformation and with exceptional bloodlines.
This cow has been worked with extensively and is halter trained - very easy to manage.
She has a red heifer calf by her side born in May that is 2-1/2 months old. Sired by Remington's Rebel Yell(D) Reg# 52,276.
This is her first calf and she had no problems.
Anyone wanting to start a fold with a cow and calf can't pass this up. $2750


White Highland Cow Reg# 52,292, grass fed/chemical free, pasture exposed to Remington's Rebel Yell (D) Reg# 52,376 and is in her thired trimester and due to calve in Oct.  She was trained by her breeded and is extremely easy to handle - will work with a halter and do anything for a range cube.  As you can see by the photo, she also loves to be in the pond.

Contact: Betty Kendall, Jay, OK Phone: 918.787.6765 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Two unregistered Highland heifers.

Highland heifers for sale!  First heifer is 3 years old and has been running with the bull.  The second heifer is 2 years old.  Both are calm, quiet girls and in good condition.  They will eat cubes out of your hand and come running when they hear the buckets. $1500 each.


For more information and pricing.

Contact: Sean Ridgeway, Rockin Ridgeway Ranch, Sand Springs, OK Phone: 918.260.2080 or 918.521.1688 Email: Click to Email

For Sale:

Red Rock Highlands have their yearling 2014 bulls available for sale.
They are weaned, and vaccinated, and very tame and currently working on halter training.
Their registration papers are pending and number will be available as soon as received.

9 month old red bull
Dam: Reg# 39,019
Sire: Reg# 48,686

Same 9 month old bull
Docile, really thick frame and enjoys scratches


For more information and pricing.

Contact: Kristi, Red Rock Highlands, Red Rock, OK Phone: 580.761.1405 Email: Click to Email


Blazing Acres 




For Sale:

Registered high quality 2014, 2015 heifers and 2015 bull calves sired by FTA Stonewall Jackson and Skye High Wayward Son.
They come in many different colors, calm, handled, and the older ones, already halter trained.

Also for sale, herd sire FTA Stonewall Jackson, Reg# 50,369.
Reserve Champion in his class at the NCHCA Show in 2012 and sire of 2014 Reserve Class Champion at NCHCA Show in Austin, MN and 2014 Reserve Grand Champion Bull at World Beef Expo., Milwaukee, WI.
Jack is a large, calm, brindle boy, who will add lots of length to your calf crop.

If interested please feel free to contact.

Contact: Dave or Janet, Four T Acres, Burlington, WI Phone: 262.539.3257 or 507.582.1073 Email: Click to Email


For Sale:

Two Registered Highland bulls and two registered Highland heifers from the Creachann Gleann Farm of Platteville, WI
Creachann Gleann Farm bloodlines were at the 2015 HHCA Highland Auction and they sold well. You may be interested in checking out these bloodlines.
The registration number is listed for each animal and can be looked up on the American Highland Cattle Assoc. website at clicking on the herdbook link. Please call or email for more info and prices.

CGH Laird Macbeth (D)
CGH Laird Macbeth (D)
Reg. 52306
DOB: 11/08/2012
Macbeth was Champion Senior Bull Calf at the 2013 NAILE in Louisville.
His first calves are on the ground, with more due in September

CGH Laird Adrian Ruadh 14 (D)
Reg. 53973
DOB: 05/07/2014
Adrian is a very nice red bull, and is halter broken.



For more information and pricing.

Contact: Ben & Mary, Creachann Gleann Farm, Platteville, WI Phone: 608.348.4047 Email: Click to Email


Four T Acres