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Fourth Annual Highland Auction,
Thursday, April 23, 2015


HHCA Members Consigning Registered and Unregistered Highlands as of January 1, 2015.

Non-HHCA Members can consign as of March 1, 2015.

Please visit http://www.highlandcattleauction.com for more information.

American Livestock Magazine




Scottish Highland producers looking for an outlet for overstock cattle.  Expanding beef market looking for Scottish Highland Cattle ready/close to ready for processing.  Several producers are already benefiting.  We cover all marketing, processing, and transportation expenses.  If you want to move cattle for a guaranteed price, contact us.

Criteria for cattle for our beef market:
Purebred Scottish Highland cattle (includes registered)
All grass fed and finished.
No hormones
No antibiotics (medical care acceptable).
Bulls, steers or cows.
18 months or older.
Producers with history on the cattle.

With the rising prices in beef, now is the time to promote Scottish Highland beef at previous acceptable prices to the consumer.  Our herd and producers cannot meet the demand.  We have an outlet for excess cattle meeting the criteria for our beef program.  We have a steer program with a guaranteed price return.

Price Breakdown Per Head:
600 - 800lbs = $500
800 - 1000lbs = $600
1000 - 1200lbs = $700
1200lbs or up = $800

Contact Chris with C & C Highland Ranch. Call/text 573-528-5129, email at cchighlandranch@yahoo.com, or visit us at http://www.cchighlandranch.com/.

For Sale:

Cedar Creek Cedric, DOB: 3/19/2014
Dark red with blonde highlights, Registration Pending
CC Cedric is halter trained, eats from your hand, has had all his shots and tattoo.
Dam: RW Yolanda Reg# 50,271
Sire: LO Walter Reg# 50,307

Contact: Tracee Riley, Preston, MO Phone: 417.722.1222 Email: traceelriley@yahoo.com

For Sale:

Two registered Highland heifers:

SKC Betsy's Red Rose, Reg# 53,607, DOB: 11/5/2013

SKC Betsy's Red Rose, Reg# 53,607, DOB: 11/5/2013
Comes from some older bloodlines,
Dam: Red Bud, Reg# 40,496
Sire: RW Nash, Reg# 39,969

SKC Nina's Bonnet, white registered heifer, Reg# 53,606
SKC Nina's Bonnet, white registered heifer, Reg# 53,606
Dam: White Cow - RW Nina, Reg# 39,972
Sire: Yellow - RW Nash, Reg# 39,969

Both heifers should be ready to breed late fall or early winter for 2016 fall calving.  A good addition to anyone's fold. Asking $1500 for each heifer.

Please contact for more info and pictures.

Contact: Phil or Donna Scritchfield, Eldon, MO Phone: 573.286.3535 Email: dscritchfield54@gmail.com

For Sale:

Unregistered Highland heifer, she can be registered.
DOB: 7/15/2014
Dark Black with red overcoat color
Price: $900

Black unregistered Highland heifer
Black unregistered Highland heifer

heifer calf with Mother
heifer calf with Mother

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Colin Douthit, Odessa, MO Phone: 913.669.7285 Email: colin.douthit@live.com

For Sale:

Dun Bull
DOB: 8-01-2014

Dun Highland Bull DOB: 8/1/2014
Dun Highland Bull DOB: 8/1/2014

Please contact for more information.

Contact: Steve Stewart, Spokane, MO Phone: 417.239.7052 Email: sssmgshome@yahoo.com 

For Sale:

Unregistered 18 month old red Highland heifer. DOB: July 2013

Beatrice is a docile heifer, loves to be scratched and will eat range cubes from your hand.
Another six months and she can be bred.
$1500 or best offer.

Please contact for more information or to negotiate. 

Contact: Randy Rossiter / Jim Thideman, Bryant View Highlands, Ava, MO Phone: 417.683.2122 Email: bryantview@centurylink.net   

For Sale: Yearling purebred Highlands

Red and brindle yearling Highland heifers.  Dams are unregistered, Sire is registered Winchester.
Dun purebred yearling Highland bull, Dam black unregistered, Sire is registered Winchester.

Please contact for more information. 

Contact: Steve Stewart, Spokane, MO Phone: 417.239.7052 Email: sssmgshome@yahoo.com   

For Sale:

Moon's Highland Acres is offering for sale "Gille Molach" the unregistered son of T2 Gorgeous George. 
His DOB is 3-11-2010. 
At 367 days his weight was 620lbs. 
His 24 month weight was 1020lbs.
His mother was a full blooded highland, but was never registered.  His is approximately 48" tall.
He is long bodied and very stout.  His heifers are born at 40-55lbs and his bulls are 55-70lbs at birth with lots of hair.
He is a gentle bull and is related to most of our herd so it's time for him to go.
If you are interested in building a quality unregistered herd this is the bull for you.
We are asking $1700 for him.

Contact: Jim Moon, Moon's Highland Acres, Cameron, MO Phone: 816.632.1130 Cell: 913.634.6523 Email: kryun@parelectric.com   

For Sale:

Three Exceptional Highland Bulls for sale, take your pick, all ready to breed.

White Highland bull named Shorty Small. DOB: 6/6/13 Dam: unregistered Sire: 7R Yellow Sunset Reg# 42,186
White Highland bull named Shorty Small. DOB: 6/6/13
Dam: unregistered Sire: 7R Yellow Sunset Reg# 42,186

Cheek's sunset Spanky, Dun Highland bull, DOB: 2/20/14 Sire: 7R Sunset Reg# 42,186 Dam: LAP Serendipity Reg# 42,833
Cheek's sunset Spanky, Dun Highland bull, DOB: 2/20/14
Sire: 7R Sunset Reg# 42,186 Dam: LAP Serendipity Reg# 42,833

Contact: Gary & Cindy Cheek, Fair Grove, MO Phone: 417.818.2255 Email: cindycheek@netzero.com or gary@williamsconst.com

For Sale:

Registered Highland heifers and bulls for sale.  All out of well-known proven bloodlines. Need some new bloodlines, here is the place to go.

The following are all progeny of our Fold Sire Zorrow of Dundonald

Many of the calves are from Impact Dams, which is a cow that has calved for the first time by the age of 3 years 4 months, she must have had at least 4 calves and the calving interval must be 380 days or less.

THP05Y Shane fo Thistle Hill DOB: 7/22/11 $1200.00
THP05Y Shane of Thistle Hill DOB: 7/22/11 $1200.00
Born as twin bottle calf
Dam: Hi Oscar96 ISRA 04

THP02C Tywin Bull DOB: 8/17/14
THP02C Tywin of Thistle Hill - Dun Bull DOB: 8/17/14 $1500.00
Dam: Hi Oscar 96 Hedy 03 39891

THP01C Stannis Bull DOB 8/10/14
THP01C Stannis of Thistle Hill - Bull DOB: 8/10/14 $1500.00
Dam: Hi Oscar96 Juliete 05 Impact Dam

Red Bull
THP01A Bull DOB: 6/8/12 Ianna
THP02A Bull DOB: 7/2/12 Jada
THP05A Bull DOB: 7/21/12 Isra
THP07A Bull DOB: 9/7/12 Ilaro Impact Dam
THP04B Bull DOB: 8/7/13 Ilaro Impact Dam
THP07B Bull DOB: 8/24/13 Isra

Contact: Bruce Denslow, Thistle Hill Plantation, Eolia, MO Phone: 314.739.0001 Cell: 636.290.1458 Email: bruce@thistlehillplantation.com


Red Willow Ranch 

C&C Highland Ranch

Jack's Cattle Co. Business Card

Building a Future By Preserving the Past. A Celebration of Strong Scottish Genetics. Offering Highlands that Look like Highlands!
Calves, Semen and Select Cows For Sale.

 Vintage Hill Highland Cattle

5643 Hwy 87
Franklin, Missouri 65250
Phone/Fax: 660-848-2373
Cell: 660.537.3906
E-Mail: info@vintagehill.com
website: www.vintagehill.com
Enjoy Your Highlands!

Black Bell Acres


For Sale:

White Highland bull, DOB: June 2013 for sale in Colorado (1 1/2 hours northwest of Denver). Not registered, great personality, likes to be brushed, great conformation, grass & barley fed.  All natural, raised in high altitude (9000 ft.) $1200.

White Highland bull, DOB: June 2013

Contact: Susanne & Jonathan Larson, Winter Park Highlanders, Winter Park, CO Phone: 970.531.1550 Email: jlarson@rkymtnhi.com



OZ Highland Farm

W-L Highland Ranch




For Sale: 

Three year old purebred red Highland cow with yellow heifer calf (DOB: 11/29/2014)
Three year old purebred red Highland cow with yellow heifer calf (DOB: 11/29/2014)
$1800 for the pair

Three year old black purebred Highland cow with four month old black heifer calf (DOB: 10/2014)
Three year old black purebred Highland cow with four month old black heifer calf (DOB: 10/2014)
$1900 for the pair

Purebred white Highland heifer, 16 months old.
Purebred white Highland heifer, 16 months old.

18 month old Red purebred Highland heifer in the foreground of this picture.
18 month old Red purebred Highland heifer in the foreground of this picture.

Contact: Anna Ortega, Turkey Creek, LA Phone: 318.613.0252 Email: ortego1@centurytel.net

Scotland Farms of Louisiana



Young Sprout Farms - Tyler, Texas

Twisted Timbers Ranch - Collinsville, Texas



Almosta Farm Highlands

North Carolina



For Sale:

Remington's Ricochet (Ricky) - Dun Bull, very gentle (AHCA Reg# 50,152) DOB: 1/19/2010
4 year old proven bull with curly face and chest that loves to be hand fed.
This bull has three exceptional bloodlines from the past, DH Excitement, Pimushe and Dirtane.
He is as gentle as they come even with his sweeping horns.
Produces beautiful curly faced calves which makes us reluctant to sell him, but we just don't have the facilities to keep him with our small fold.
Will entertain any negotiable price for this exceptional bull or trade for a registered cow or calf.

Remington’s Ricochet (Ricky), REG# 50,152, DOB 1/19/2010
Here I am feeding Ricky some treats, he takes them very delicately.

Remington's Ricochet - Dun Bull
This picture shows you the great conformation this bull has.
Will produce beautiful calves also.

Contact: Terry Clemans, Medinah, IL Phone: 630.460.3374 Email: tclemans@ncrainc.org

For Sale:

Yearling Highland Bull for sale: registration pending

Braveheart DOB: 6/14/2013 Sire: Tagradh Reg# 40,560 Dam: Xsara Reg# 50,215
Xsara's Dam: (PGH Susiecutes USA (AI) Reg# 43,935) is out of Du Boise Lecoq Reg# 37,741
I don't believe there are many of his offspring around.
Susie is out of Windlough Lori Reg# 12002-37526
Lori had 2 calves for me a bull PGH Red Rocket and Susie.
$1000 Registration is pending. Red in color.

Braveheart DOB: 6/14/2013


Contact: Virgil Gordon, Orangeville, IL Phone: 815.266.1827 Email: vgord48@aol.com

For Sale:

Unregistered Highland yearling heifers, two heifers are out of a registered Highland sire; CRM MacDougal, Reg# 49,690 but all the dams are unregistered.

Raven: DOB: 05/07/13 yellow/red color. Dam: Rae, unregistered. Sire: CRM MacDougal Reg# 49,690. She is a nice looking heifer with a docile disposition.

Zana: DOB: 08/20/13 red color. Dam: Zoe, unregistered. Sire: CRM MacDougal Reg# 49,690. She has a docile disposition and good conformation.

Blair: DOB: 06/01/13 black color. No info on parents. Very nice looking and has a good disposition.

Darla: DOB: 10/01/13 dun color. Sire: white. No other info from sale on her.  Nice looking heifer, good disposition.

Please contact for more info, pictures and prices.

Contact: Niki Baptist, Timber Ridge Farm, Cantrall, IL Phone: 217.725.6425 Email: n.baptist@comcast.net



For Sale:

Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo 6W
Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo 6W

Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo 6W
Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo 6W


Gleann Brook Acre's Waldo #6W. Purebred Scottish Highland Bull (will register before sale). - $2000
DOB 5/13/2009
Sire: Black Watch Breagh Tigearnan Reg# 44,350
Dam: Locustbrae's Baravalla NicColin Reg# 44,194
Sweet and gentle, responds to his name and loves treats.

Assortment of colors of young Highlands to choose from
Assortment of colors of young Highlands to choose from

Spring calves and mothers
Spring calves and mothers

Registered Scottish Highland Cattle, heifers and bulls available now.
Purebred bloodlines for foundation stock.  Excellent maternal characteristics, sweet gentle dispositions.  Already acclimated to southern living!

For more information go to http://www.gb3highlandcattle.com

Contact: Tracey, Gleann Brook Acres, Hoover, AL Phone: 205.432.9531 Email: info@gb3highlandcattle.com

For Sale:

Offering for sale is my two year old bull named Jingles.
He has not been registered, but comes from a dam and sire that are registered and are of well known Highland breeding stock.  Jingles has been with us since birth which was 12/24/2012.  He is a Christmas bull, hence the name Jingles!  He loves to be scratched behind his ears and enjoys being brushed.  He is very docile and easy going.  Would definitely make a great sire for any fold.

Dam: HighC's TuttiFruti Reg# 45,160 Red
Sire: Woolie Bullie Black Watch Breagh Tigheaman Reg# 44,350 Brindle

2 year old Jingles
2 year old Jingles

Please contact for more information or pictures.

Contact: Jeanne Salvago, Bessemer, AL Phone: 205.424.3636 Cell: 205.281.4406 Email: jsalvago@att.net

Gleann Brook Acres Highland Cattle

Katie Farms



For Sale:

Unregistered Highland cattle
2 - bred (pasture exposed) unregistered Highland cows (both under 7 years old) asking $1100
(both cows have been with the bull since 11-22-13)
11 year old unregistered Highland bull - asking $1500 $1200

Seller would be open to some trades for registered Highland cows or heifers as well.

11 year old Unregistered Highland bull
11 year old Unregistered Highland bull

Contact: Victor Meeker, Central City, IA Phone: 319.551.2066 Email: weepingpondfarms@gmail.com

For Sale:

We are offering Marsh Creek Royal Duke, Reg# 49,855, from Honey Creek Farm for sale.  Our fold is currently carrying for us his fourth continuous year of calves set to calve next spring so we are moving him along.  He is five and a half years of age, dark red brindle in color, and has given us beautiful calves each year passing down his strong, straight build and his frosted highlights.  His calves have been fast growers and solid.  His daughter was the second highest selling female at the Heartland Highland Auction this past April.  He will make someone looking for new bloodlines and outstanding herd bull for years to come.

Marsh Creek Royal Duke, Reg# 49,855
Marsh Creek Royal Duke, Reg# 49,855

Contact: Linn and Dee Reece, Honey Creek Farm, New Providence, IA Phone: 641.497.5499 Email: honeycreekhighlands@yahoo.com


For Sale:

After fifteen years with Highlands, we must significantly thin our herd.

Our cattle are truly low-input, healthy, and hardy.  They are trained to electric fence, are pastured with sheep, and we raise them without grain supplements.

Over the years we have built a herd of large-boned, smaller-framed Highlands.  This means that most of our cows mature between 800 and 900 lbs.

Here's what we have for sale...

Thank you and congratulations to Steve Buchenroth from Ohio for purchasing sixteen of  my registered Highland cows and heifers.
I now only have a few unregistered Highland heifers for sale.
Please contact me for more information.

Contact: Justin Sanders, Westpoint, TN Phone: 901.491.0183Email: topoftheworldfarm@gmail.com


For Sale:

White unregistered Highland bull calf.
Stout, short bodied, good legs and feet.
DOB: 7/23/2014
Weight: approx. 500-600 lbs
He is gorgeous and will make someone a great breeding bull in another six months.
Asking $1000.

Contact: Kevin & Melissa Cortez, Prague, OK Phone: 405.567.9300Email: melissa.nichols122@yahoo.com

Blazing Acres 


Four T Acres