Pulled Highland Beef Sandwiches - from the kitchen of Theresa Thompson

Start with a three or four pound chuck roast, put into the slow cooker with a bottle of beer and sliced onion.

Let beef cook on high for at least six hours.

Test doneness of the meat by pulling it apart with two forks.

If it falls apart, drain off the liquid and shred the meat back into the slow cooker, if it doesn't fall apart yet, let it cook an hour longer before testing it again.

Add a bottle of your favorite barbeque sauce and let heat through on low.

Serve on hoagie rolls with plenty of pickles and hot peppers.

Of course while the meat is first beginning to cook make up a batch of your favorite potato salad. If you are fortunate to have a garden at home, I hope you plant plenty of sweet corn. That will make this a truly country style meal.

Pulled beef sandwiches, potato salad, and home grown corn. Enjoy!